Dayna happily collaborates with event coordinators to cater her talks to suit the needs and interests of her audience, within the areas of her expertise. A list of the most requested topics, with brief descriptions, may be found below:

MATERNAL HEATLH (Scroll down for general women’s health)

  • More Than Maternal Instinct: The Art & Science of Mothercare

Millions of mothers are born, each year. From the moment a baby is born, the world seems to focus on childcare, but what about mothercare? For all the joys and privilege of becoming a mama, there are a world of changes too. In this workshop, we focus on practical, concrete tools for taking control of these changes to create the very best possible experience for you and your family. We will explore how research-based supports including acupressure, diet, meditation, expressive art therapy, and the PPT (Postpartum Prioritization Technique©) can make early motherhood more manageable and joyful. Participants will learn holistic approaches for enabling sleep, bolstering energy and cognitive function, reducing anxiety, deepening the mother/infant bond, and more! 

  • And Baby Makes 3 (or 4, or More): How Bringing Home a Baby Can Bring You Closer Together

In this workshop designed especially for new and expectant couples, we explore concrete, practical tools for helping you to coparent effectively AND strengthen the relationship between each other. Certified in couples therapy, Dayna’s rich background and warm, empathic style enable partners to feel safe and secure while learning how they can support each other, themselves, and their little one(s) through this profound life transition.


  • Flexercise: A Revolutionary Approach to Movement to Strengthen Bones, Maintain Balance, and Feel Incredible

This workshop reveals how and why a moderate amount of exercise can improve everything from sleep to sex.  Learn creative, cost-effective and practical ways to incorporate fitness into your life at any and every stage—without ever hitting the gym (really!) Participants will also learn how to evaluate and effect positive change in their relationship to food, and what they should be eating based on their reproductive stage of life.

  • Stop Stressing Out: Seven Ways to Reduce Anxiety, Enhance Your Mood And (Re)Claim Pleasure, Naturally.

If you want a custom-tailored, effective game plan for feeling better overall, here’s where you’ll find it. This workshop is chock-full of easy-to-learn, succinct, scientifically-informed techniques to enhance your health and happiness. What’s more? They are all free, and can be implemented almost anywhere at any time. Seven is about to be your lucky number!